7/2018: Launch of new kickstarter— an online performance to distribute Feminist Economics Yoga videos!

6/2018: New article out, in sync with the Playbour Exhibition– an interview with me by Marc Garrett of Furtherfield Gallery in London.

6/2017: Do you have an anti-capitalist art or activism project that you are stuck on? Or is there a big gaping hole between what you do and what you believe in? I would love to support you to dig yourself out of that hole. Beginning this July I will hold office hours when I will offer you one hour of attention and support for your project.I’ll lend you my ears or participate in a brainstorming session with you. Even if you feel like you don’t understand capitalism, or you are struggling to incorporate your politics into your work, I am happy to help. I want you to do good things that will truly fuck up this stupid racist financial system. To schedule, click here.

6/2017: Please enjoy my freaky and overwhelming manifesto that came out in GUTS CANADIAN FEMINIST MAGAZINE this week! 

6/2017: Business Punk (Berlin’s Financial Times) “reviews” or sarcastically pokes at the Feminist Economics Seminar I led at Supermarkt-Berlin this winter.

6/2017: Celebrating the delivery of the new book organized by the Berliner Gazette team: “A Field Guide to the Snowden Files“. The book gathers a selection of artists (including Max Haiven and I as University of the Phoenix) working with the Snowden files and places them in context with appropriations by media folks and archivists.

5/2017: New Art Forum review by Katie Anania about Sick Time, Creepy Time, Crip Time at Elizabeth Foundation Project Space in NYC this spring, including a description of my new project ‘Psychic Architecture’.

10/2016: Join us for the TACIT FUTURES conference in Berlin at the end of October. It’s an experimental conference that asks the participants to work together to produce projects around movement and control. I’ll be working with a cohort on Industries of Prediction:

Digital technologies and mobility have become inseparable. Every movement of your life feeds the big data machine that produces predictions – 1) for the user (which kind of flight connection, travel route, tourist site  might be of interest to you) and 2) for the owners of the data infractures, who are keen to learn about consumer trends, etc. In this workshop we would like to focus on prediction / recommendation algorithms in the context of mobility and migration. Based on personal experiences, we would like to reflect on social networks and apps like FourSqaure, AirBnB, Pokemon Go,,, etc. but also Google searches on travelling, going out, looking for a taxi, etc. In the discussion we would like to focus on their effect on the margins of freedom within a realm increasingly restrained by a general sense of over-determination by algorithms and gadgets with ever-decreasing self-determination, rampant monetarization of the data produced and last but not least instrumentalization by the security complex.


10/2016: I’m in Berlin for the next few months, working with Max Haiven on University of the Phoenix— a for-profit school for the dead. We do revenge consulting and financial re-education.

9/2016: I was on Against the Grain, a production of KPFA radio in Berkeley. You can listen to it here.

6/2016: I’m in Chicago working on a project to be shown at University of Illinois Gallery 400. Precarity: Contingency in Artmaking and Academia examines artistic and activist approaches to critical economic issues in US education and art making. These issues include income inequality, rates of artist compensation, wage stagnation, the precarity of part-time faculty, rising tuition costs, and increasing student debt. Curated by Lorelei Stewart, Precarity brings together numerous local and national organizations including Adjunct Commuter Weekly, BFAMFAPhD, The Debtfair collective, PrecariCorps, and Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.), as well as imaginative projects from artists Christian Nagler, Ahmet Öğüt (with Natasha Sadr Haghighian, Dan Perjovschi, Martha Rosler, and Superflex), Cassie Thornton, and Vanessa Viruet and Julia Arredondo of Vice Versa Press.

5/ 2016: A new writing piece by Max Haiven and I called ‘On Exiting Capitalism’ came out in DanceHouse Diary.

4/2016: So excited to be working towards a new project in collusion with Flux Factory for a show called Debt Positive, co-curated by Caitlin Foley and Misha Rabinovich. Opening June 3.

4/2016: I’m working with a group of students at NSCAD to produce a post-workist yoga studio inside a pub in Halifax. 

3/2016: Annie McClanahan used my image for the cover of her book. Reading her work has created a solid framework for many of my ideas around debt and credit, and I am so excited to be with her in this way! Check out the image here.

3/2016: I happened upon my own name in a book written by two of my favorite people, feminists, watchdogs, theorists, artists, writers and beings. Miranda Mellis and Emily Abendroth have just released a book called The Instead published by Carville Annex in SF. The passage ends with a statement that frames my work in the most generous way possible; I’m so honored to be alive right now! “Her genius is simple, but not easy: she tries to find the soft spots, the loopholes, the places of possibility and sets up shop exactly where things seem the most intractable and impossible.” The book is available here.

3/2016: Check out this facebook group called Worker’s Party Without Work begun by Tori Abernathy, feminist genius. It’s a great place to share info about a post-work imaginary as well as ideas about basic income, feminist anti-capitalism and more. The project in development for MayWorks in Halifax this May is focused on the notion that Nova Scotia, with its high unemployment, is actually at the vanguard of the post-work state of being. It’s like, the future is already there, but we just have to begin to see it that way. Confused about post-work? Go to the facebook group.

2/2016: I’m currently in Halifax, Nova Scotia, planning a new project that will take place this May as part of MayWorks Halifax.