Feminist 3D Reproduction

Feminist Reproduction designed by the Feminist Economics Department, in collaboration with Miki Foster.

In something like a post-apocalyptic TED talk, the FEMINIST REPRODUCTION workshop demonstrates concrete possibilities for new ways of learning, understanding and using technology to reorient ideas of value. We will deal with the way we work with machines as we question how machines work to change what is possible, what is expected, what is normalized, and what we value. What is ‘extruded’ in the workshop is the development of a feminist way of participating with and questioning technology, value, and progress. We will use the ‘Replicator 2’ to produce an object of remarkably unimpressive physicality and stature, which will function as an ‘instrument’ that helps us speculate about the value of technological production itself– which might be less literal and more imaginary than previously understood.

FEMINIST REPRODUCTION took place at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center in 2013. The workshop and publication below were part of the THE VERY FIRST YEAR, a series of one day events organized by Fellow Laurel Ptak inspired by her research in cyberfeminist art practices since the 1990s. Since Eyebeam’s founding 16 years ago, 2013 is the very first year its roster of Fellows, Residents, and Honorary Fellows includes a greater number of women than men. Is this an important milestone for celebration or are we angry that it took so long? Will a fair balance be maintained? Technology demands that we imagine into the future. Will gender, race, sexual orientation, class and overall relationships of power, subordination, and oppression experienced socially through technology become a more visible part of the public dialogue at Eyebeam?