Affordable Luxury SF Real Estate

Very excited to be a part of an exhibition at ProArts in Oakland about Home this summer. As a Bay Area resident with no address, it is a very potent time for me to think about home. (I’m not homeless, but I’m not paying rent anywhere.) Last summer I was walking around downtown SF with Aurora Crispin, when we passed the Salesforce Tower construction site. We asked the construction workers if they would give us some of what they were digging up. Like the real SF below the new SF. They told us to get a truck because they hit really rich clay. They gave us some of the most expensive property we’ve ever held. This stuff gets shipped off to Palo Alto with the other evicted dirt from SF. This summer the clay is for sale at ProArts for $83, or the same cost as one square foot of commercial space at the Salesforce tower.pressimage_small

Affordable Luxury Real Estate is a beautiful piece of land that one can really get their hands on. Whether you are a multi-millionaire or living in a pit, this handful of heaven exists as pure potential just the way land did before it was successfully evicted from the city of San Francisco. In its heyday, this material was the stuff that dreams were built on. For decades the landscape of San Francisco was made of physical stuff that you could stand on, and it was underneath all types of developments made by humans and others. But, in order to make room for its new bold future as a training hub and terrorist cell for the formerly decentralized/itinerant elite luxury community, the Bay has been cleaning itself up, removing distractions from landscape, including the landscape itself. This one time moment in history is not to be missed– when land value is so low that even a person could touch it. For a limited time only, The Feminist Economics Department (the FED) is offering handfuls of luxury real estate for sale. This locally sourced material comes directly from the underbelly of the Salesforce Tower. At $83 per square foot, The Salesforce Tower is already setting records for the highest commercial rent in the US. For $83 per handful, this handful of land is the only way left to buy into the potential of San Francisco.A New Design (2)