Bad Support Audio Tour

Sample from Bad Support Audio Tour from RiVAL on Vimeo.


In Collective Psychic Architecture, Thornton’s audio guide leads us through an obstacle course of malfunctioning supports, which are embodied in a series of seats, walls, doorways, pedestals, and columns that direct and scatter viewers through the second iteration of Sick Time, Sleepy Time, Crip Time: Against Capitalism’s Temporal Bullying curated by Taraneh Fazeli, curator in residence at Bemis Center for the Arts.

For Thornton, the arduous process of obtaining life-sustaining necessities that results in financial debt is a form of “bad support” and like a hitting a wall. Thornton calls these walls that everyone experiences (although often in isolation) “collective psychic architecture.” By illuminating the underlying support structures of the exhibition, as well as those not clearly visible in our society and various institutions, she illustrates how leaning on the bad support that financialization offers only perpetuates our condition and blocks us from imagining alternatives. During Secret Chakra, a workshop where she’ll teach the practice of feminist economics through the format of a yoga class, these obstacles will be broken through together in pursuit of a new form of radical non-hierarchical care. (text care of Taraneh Fazeli)