Debt, Bad Spelling: An Adult Problem–> a kids book

coininface_smallWhy is there a silent B in debt? Where is debt located? And if I can’t see it, is it still there? Maybe debt is a tall tale that is told by bankers, the mayor, the governor and other decision-makers in the city of Chicago as an excuse to give up hope and drain all the resources out of the Chicago Public School system. This story time revolves around a magical children’s book co-written by artist Cassie Thornton and CPS educator Elizabeth Coughlan about debt—a monster that is made by adults but best understood by children.

This book was produced for children as a part of Mystery Hands at Gallery 400 at University of Illinois, Chicago. 11×17′, laminated, with a spiral binding. This heavy book was read to kids every Wednesday of the exhibition, followed by demolition by kids, in a secret room. This, as well as other workshops, were geared to young children born around the 2008 financial crisis (ages 7–12) and their parents. These workshops are organized by the Feminist Economics Department (the FED) as part of Mystery Hands, a project developed for kids to understand the issues of Precarity: the exhibition and the idea.

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Debt: Bad Spelling, an Adult Problem. by Cassie Thornton on Scribd