Feminist Economics Yoga in Thunder Bay

Feminist Economics Yoga in Thunder Bay

Feminist Economics Yoga will be offered as a 10 week course in Thunder Bay in fall 2017 at RiVAL. September 12 is the first class.


To learn more go to secretchakra.net or rival.lakead.ca/yoga

In this class I teach kundalini yoga while talking about the most liberating ideas I know —feminist economics— as a way to talk about and work on our relationship to money, debt, race, gender and class. I do this because I feel that our attachments and injuries, due to capitalism and white supremacy, are holding us up at the door to a future that doesn’t have to be this shitty.

You don’t know what capitalism means? That’s fine. If you are reading this, then you have survived long enough to learn how to use a computer, and thus you are an expert at understanding capitalism even if you don’t know the word. I use the term ‘feminist economics’ to describe a potential future outside of the economic and social values we live with now, which are tearing us apart.

This yoga style, and the events and classes I teach are aimed at helping people out of the stuck place that many of us are in, and I believe we need to do this socially, collectively, and never alone. My job is to help you to uncover your real imagination that has been covered up by your daily practice of survival in a predatory economy, culture and government. I am not a healer, I am just really angry. I live knowing that my liberation is tied up with everybody who is suffering right now, which is everyone with half a brain, heart, etc. I don’t have answers to our crisis, but I do have a process to invite you into.