FEY Video Series & Kickstarter


  • Do you hate yoga? 
  • Do you hate the commercialization of yoga? 
  • Do you hate how it ‘flexes’ your politics until they go limp? 
  • Do you hate yourself for doing it anyway?

Capitalism has ruined everything.
Let’s ruin it, together.

Feminist Economics Yoga is my long term project where I combine feminist economics and Kundalini yoga to support people as they heal their social and economic wounds and become strong enough to imagine a future that isn’t so hard to survive in. 

The aim is to combine political ideas with physical practice and to use an ancient social technology (yoga) to uproot the internalized values associated with capitalism that have infiltrated us more deeply than simply our wallets.

This project began as a set of workshops and performances. Thanks to its overwhelming popularity it has evolved into a series of three yoga tutorial videos. I am seeking your support because I want to make a second series of yoga videos, this time at a professional quality level, so they can reach more people who are suffering at home, alone, having been made to feel like economic failures. 


The way the capitalist economy works makes it very hard for most of us to get the basics we need to stay alive, including housing and healthcare. We are encouraged to become competitive money making bots, and we are denied the time to attend to the things that really matter, like caring for community members, mending the environment or enjoying being alive on this planet. This contradiction makes some of us anxious and/or depressed, and/or leads to addiction and untransformative social unrest. 

How do we get out of the cycle that reproduces this situation and these individual and collective sicknesses? 

We need new ways to care for ourselves and one another so we can work together to build communities that prioritize everyone’s health and life and abolish a system of competition, profit and selfies. 

We need practices and spaces that generate individual and collective health and radical new ideas about society. This is why I am developing Feminist Economics Yoga, and why I need your help to share it with as many people as possible.