Give Me Cred! (under the table)

For The Makeover Exhibition at Southern Exposure in San Francisco in 2015, I built an office under a very large table. In the office, Give Me Cred, an alternative credit rating agency produced auxiliary credit reports for people who were having trouble getting an apartment lease, a job, or a loan due to a low credit score or no credit score. “Our agent will meet with you to understand your personal story, and we will work with you to translate your experience into a document that you can use to prove your trustworthiness to a potential landlord, employer, or lender.” For more information, go to

At GIVE ME CRED we will look at you and ask you why we should trust you. When we believe in you, we will make you a unique PDF document that proves to landlords, employers, and creditors that you are a person with a story that expands beyond your credit score.
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