Poets’ Security Force



Poets’ Security Force is not just another mobile alternative Security Firm. Poets’ Security Force is a mutual aid network, as well as a hiring and training firm for security workers who question the intentions of the security industry.

We hire security guards in various capacities and we encourage them to explore their own personal experience of security. We are dormant, though we were previously based in San Francisco and New York City, two highly securitized places. We have worked with security guards in art museums, educational institutions, and in public space.

Through employment at the PSF, we offer guards space, time, and support towards developing methods of addressing the behavioral and psychological results of time spent in the security landscape. We are dedicated to re-forming the ideas and actions of ‘work’, ‘security’, and ‘property’ both on and off the job.

Below are some poems and incident reports made by some of our guards. www.poetsecurity.net

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