For more information and to join this project please go to http://thehologram.xyz !!!

You are invited to make a hologramby joining a feminist social health-care project that aims to provide accountability, attention and solidarity as a source of long term care. This project aims to serve anyone falling between the widening cracks of highly regulated, finance-driven police states, regardless of where they live. This viral care system functions to empower small groups of people to focus rigorously on the medical, emotional and social health of one person at a time. By looking at all three dimensions, the idea is that the person and their health become a hologram, instead of a financial instrument for the medical industry. The goal of this project is to find a semi-systematic way that we can attend to and track the health of people around us through regular conversations (in person and virtual), close observation, and good documentation.

The process works like this:

A group of four people meet to select one person who will become a hologram—which means that they and their health will become ‘dimensional’ to the group. The three people who are not the hologram are human records, seeking to truly understand and to hold onto the information shared by the hologram about what makes them healthy, and what doesn’t. By being close observers, good question-askers, patient listeners, and deep note takers, the people who see the hologram become co-responsible for the health of the hologram—WITH her, not for her. Each of the three people watching the hologram will look after one aspect of health at a time, focusing on either the physical, emotional/mental, or the social well being of the person. Through a long intake and then regular follow-ups, the group develops knowledge and records for the hologram so that if and when a medical concern or emergency comes up, the group can show up to support the hologram to make positive decisions about care, without feeling that they are alone without anyone who understands their situation.

This project is inspired by the Greek Solidarity Clinics and their experiments with free, radical medicine, but also by the conditions we live in denial of in the US—that we have all been made itinerant and exiled from our physical communities of support (by the forces of capitalism including nationalistic borders, the transformation of land and home into speculative real estate investments, privatization of healthcare, financialization of all social necessities, and changing life circumstances). Denied any access to quality healthcare, many of us also distrust conventional profit driven healthcare systems which are isolating, individualizing and often toxic. So we need another model. For that reason, this three-person health monitoring and diagnostic system works without clinics, hierarchies, experts, or money, and can be used across the sometimes great geographical distances that separate us from those we trust. If you are interested in participating in a trial, please email feministeconomicsdepartment@gmail.com or call 347-499-8424.

To learn more about the research and inspiration that went into it, read this article soon to be published in CareNotes.

For a related project, and first trial of the Hologram, see Sick Time, Sleepy Time, Crip Time: Against Capitalism’s Temporal Bullying curated by Taraneh Fazeli at EFA Project Space in NYC, March 31-May 13, 2017.