No Justice No Service

This one day festival took place at the LAB in San Francisco’s Mission District, a former unemployment office.¬†

“No Justice No Service took several forms as part demonstration, performance, teach in, and even yoga studio to highlight the fight for adjunct unionization. The event brought people from various struggles together in an effort to continue engagement and foster connection between labor unions, fight for 15, #blm/black.seed, income inequality, student debt and more. The connections fostered have continued between the various groups and constituencies via relationship building and exploring how these struggles are interconnected. “

-Irina Contreras, Artist, School and Community Programs Manager, Museum of the African Diaspora

Listen to the Live Podcast by Congratulations Pine Tree!

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A cultural front for ongoing activism in arts, education, work and life.

Participating artists, adjuncts, workers, groups, organizers, cooks, beer-makers and people include:

MC: Irina Contreras
Cara Emily Levine
Danielle Wright
Carrie Hott
Congratulations Pine Tree Podcast (Kate Rhoades, Maysoun Wazwaz)
Black Organizing Network-Oakland/ Black Lives Matter
Jessica Tully
Jessica Lawless
Christian Schoff-Nagler
Jennie Smith-Camejo
David Buuck
Stephanie Young
Ann Schnake
The Compensation Foundation
SEIU Local 1021
Give Me Cred!
Peak Agency
La Pocha Nostra
Kristi Holohan
Lauren C Elder
Amanda Jane Eicher
Chelsea Wills
Catherine Powell & The Labor Archive
Bay Area Strike Debt
Debt Collective
Fight For 15!
Chris Higgenbotham
Adjunct activist’s agit-prop from around the country
Keith Hennessy
Mess Editions
Words of Resistance
Critical Resistance
Modern Times Bookstore Collective
Joe Berry
Helena Harlow Worthen
Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo
Grace Chen
Zach Ozma
Adjunct Action Bay Area
Amy Rathbone
Francisco Grajales
Leslie Dreyer
SFAI Poster Syndicate
Black Magic Arts
Shaping SF
Andrea Bowers
Aurora Crispin
Bay Area Art Workers Alliance
Bradley Russell
Adam Overton
Kat Jacobsen

Aaron Gach