Our Bundles, Our Selves

This book is the culmination of a half-year of research on the material of debt. The development of the book has asked many people to act with extreme intimacy and trust in an age of the privatization of everything. This is a collection of transcripts from graduate fine art students at California College of the Arts who disclosed their economic and psychic financial information through a scripted visualization process. This is an enormous and radical undertaking, one that would not be possible without the back-breaking compliance of the school and the immeasurable support of students and staff. We have been fortunate to receive input from more than fifty student debtors– who are also insightful and dedicated women and men, involved students, artists, and visionaries. This first edition of Our Bundles Our Selves reflects the great magnitude of their courage, lack of repression and financial transparency.

Contributors are anonymous students and artists in attendance at California College of the Arts in the fiscal year of 2011, which extends into 2012. We are of many ages and backgrounds, but we all shared visions of the magnanimous force of financial and moral debt. We are enormously grateful to all who donated their personal information. Together we collaborated to provide the most accurate, up to date and reliable information about the psychological scale, smell, power, and texture of debt for students and artists at this time.

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