Physical Audit

Physical Audit begins with a casual meeting outside of a bank, where 8 dancers wash their hands. They enter the bank together, touching everything, and request a meeting to open a ‘collective’ savings account. Everything that happens while they are in the bank is an opportunity for the performers to touch as much as possible: they stretch and touch as much as they can, and accumulate dirt on their hands. At the conclusion of the performance, dancers rub the dirt from their hands onto paper. They have a difficult, memorable, irrational experience in this disembodied space. The action of touching is that of physical activation and citizen observation, but is neither aggressive nor intrusive– at best it will extend what seems possible within a financial institution.

Videos (Collective Transaction and PHYSICAL AUDIT (emotional take 1) of the piece are located here.
A piece of writing that came out of it is here.

Thanks to Flux Factory for supporting the project and curators Christina Vassallo and Douglas Paulson.

Physical Auditors: Idalia Buddington, Tara Elliott, Marisa Prefer, Christina Vassallo, Truman, Miranda Trimmier, Aliya Bonar, Janna Powell, Chris Domenick, Drew R. Droege, Maximiliano Balducci, Tatyana Tenenbaum, Sarah Dahnke, Felix Rivera-Pitre, Christian Nagler, Tati Luboviski-Acosta, Lita Wallis, Cassie Thornton, Pacita Prasarn, Nina Irizarry, Sandra Passirani, Shizu Homma.

rubbing sacredhands