I’m really interested in finding a way to work with you: to find a link between our interests in work, debt, value, self worth, feminism, care, racial and queer justice, and your imagination. I have worked with many groups, individuals, and institutions– helping them grind to a halt until we find a new way to unite their values and political intentions with their work. I am no expert, but I have been thinking and working on the relationship between the unconscious and money since before the financial crisis of 2008, sometimes while dressed as an asteroid. I am happy to talk to anyone (individuals or groups) who considers their work to be anti-capitalist. I am also interested in talking with you if you feel confused about capitalism, or if you are afraid of confronting that monster. My intention is to be 100% helpful to anyone who is brave enough to call bullshit on the hyper masculine, white neoliberal, totally abstract racist economic system that we have learn to eat and breathe.

What does working with me look like? Here are some ideas:

You need help thinking through your anti-capitalist art or activist project: Maybe your project can’t get support, maybe you are stuck in the creative process, maybe you are intimidated by making something that is overtly political, or maybe you are afraid of making something that has no clear ‘results’. Whatever it is– I am willing to talk to you on the phone about your anti-capitalist project, and I won’t take your money. If you are interested, just schedule something here

Host an Institutional Dreaming Session: Your group or institution is in crisis. We pay constituents to spend the night, lulling them into a dream state and waking them up throughout the night to discuss their dreams. This sounds crazy, but it works.

Debt Visualizations: The debt visualization project involves leading participants to imagine their debt as a substance, a thing, or a space. It is a way to witness the impact of economics on the unconscious, specifically the experience of holding, witnessing, or fearing predatory corporate debts. The process itself is essentially a discussion of the participant’s experiences with money or with owing; personal stories or objective thoughts about debt followed by a guided visualization. The material generated through this process is a transcription of a conversation that weaves the conscious and unconscious, intellectual and physical experience of debt.

Fedora Archive: I’ll hire and train an actor to have a tantrum about the unspeakable issue that everyone is afraid to talk about at your organization, meeting, or event.

Feminist Economics Yoga: I teach yoga to soften very hard people into reorienting around their embodied, emotional and intellectual addiction to the political economy as we know it. I use a kundalini practice mixed with political and theoretical commentary about work, politics, and economics.

Events: I organize large festival and panel events with my broad network of radical thinkers and doers where complex political issues are faced in an atmosphere colored by humor, creative problem solving and mutual support.

Lectures: I give lectures about what is possible within a very hard political system based on my own experience and art practice.

Angry Letters: I write really angry, extremely diplomatic letters on behalf of others. One example of many is here.

Auxiliary Credit Reports: I make alternative credit reports to represent people as more than a number as they seek employment or housing.

Political Organizing: I have organized communities from the ground up, even in states like Texas. Recently I have focused on Adjuncts organizing in higher education, but previously I’ve worked on large campaigns for debt resistance and prison abolition.

Graphic Design: I’ve been an undercover graphic designer for years. My portfolio is here.

My work is not art for the art world alone, it is for people everywhere who are surviving in the financialized landscape. This means you. I do have rates for my services and I am also interested in alternative forms of valuing my time and energy.