Social Technologies

Much of my art practice involves developing social technologies that I can travel with and share with many different kinds of people. So far, these practices include debt visualizations, alternative credit reports, and feminist economics yoga. Each practice or technology I develop comes in response to a situation where life (sometimes mine, sometimes people around me) is being restricted in some way by actual or tacit rules that value money or bureaucratic power over people’s well being. I tend to develop and use these social techniques to reveal to other vulnerable people that there is a soft place in the hardest systems, or some community based workaround to maintain life despite seemingly impossible circumstances. Each process is ongoing and develops over years of trial and error.

Each project produces a surprising and irrationally useful effect for the participant or institution. At the same time, each of the technologies also help me accumulate research– I learn more about the economic and social conditions people are living with and I learn how to improve the technique I am trying out.

On this page you will see projects that are also described on the projects page, but here they are framed as social technologies, and you’ll get to see a bigger picture of each one.