Teaching Artist Union

Developed in 2008 with Maya Erdelyi-Perez and Helki Franzen, the Teaching Artist Union was an experimental feminist union that explored notions of support and collectivity for teaching artists working precariously within non-profits serving ‘at risk populations’ in public and private schools, institutions, museums, and other communities. It was an honor to be profiled in Dark Matter by Greg Sholette and included in Art Work Newspaper by Temporary Services. Please print, sign, and ‘laminate’ the membership card below. 


Mission Statement: The Teaching Artist Union is composed of NYC artists who teach as a part of their creative practice.
With this union, we aim to define the role of the teaching artist through developing a supportive community,
celebrating and exhibiting the work produced in teaching situations, and advocating for the rights and needs of the teaching artist.
We work in many different kinds of environments: for non profit arts organizations, schools, museums, and other agencies. Because we believe that art can invigorate, agitate,
and reorient stale institutional habits, we want to develop a lasting structure to support the happiness and health of every manifestationof Teaching Artist.