About the FED

Cassie Thornton is a feminist economist and artist working under the title of the Feminist Economics Department (the FED).

Her work investigates and reveals the impact of governmental and economic systems on public affect,

behavior, and unconscious, with a focus on debt and security. Thornton is engaged in a long term

project to reveal debt to be an idea, a common experience, and a cause for solidarity rather than fear.


Since 2011, she has met with over 100 people affected by debt and has led them to imagine and

describe their debt as a physical form. These debt visualizations are being collected and turned into

soundtracks, archived texts, and three-dimensional objects. With this project, the abstract (in this case

debt) is translated into a metaphor, and the metaphor may be confronted as a way to learn how to

think about and absolve one’s relationship with their debt.


Other projects include Fedora Archive, the name of a series of fictional students played by actresses

who perform public breakdowns about debt and corruption at educational institutions. In 2012, the

FED opened a BEAUTY SALON that offered services by artists that heal economic wounds in

exchange for time. POETS’ SECURITY FORCE is a work program that trains security guards to

consider their own security and aims to protect human vulnerability. STRIKE DEBT RADIO is a 10

minute radio segment that discusses the ins and outs of debt and money, and occasionally uses the

radio waves to send debt to space.


For a list of ways to work with me, check out my services.